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life's an adventure live it that way.

Almost Finished

Last monday, we faced the final stage of being an I.T. Stude. It was our Final Defense of our Thesis. Before that day we had around a couple of sleepless weeks. The sched is unbelievable and to give you a hint how it looks like, the following is my routine.
  1. Wake Up - (8Am or 10AM)
  2. Fixing Myself - (1Hr)
  3. Travel to School - (30mins - 45 mins)
  4. Attend Class - (1PM - 7PM)
  5. Follow SSG - (During Class Break, Worst Cut-class if it's important)
  6. Chit-Chat - (Bundled in Class Break, Hahaha)
  7. Review Lessons - (1/4 of My Whole Class Hours)
  8. Meeting with SSG - (Always Unexpected)
  9. Eat Dinner - (Somewhere between 7PM - 10PM, Worst 11PM)
  10. Assingments - (If I have time at time)
  11. Program - (Thesis, Documents, Etc. 10PM - 2AM, Worst 4AM)
  12. Sleep - (Atleast 3-5 Hours a day)
  13. Health - (Weak, Dead Eye, Heavy Body)
Hahaha...A very memorable year for me, my last year of being student because next month i'll be joining the most popular contest that was ever made! Job Hunting!


Birthday Gift

Last Wednesday I received a gift from one of my ate. An ate who was my classmate at the same time. Right after our class on World Literature she called me up and said: “Belated Happy Birthday then right after she gave a gift to me.” It was so unexpected, my world stopped for a minute and slowly picking myself together.

I did not expect anything from anyone but what ate joy did, it was one of the best gifts that I received. Thank you also boss! It’s the thought that really counts and it should be always.


Lost in Space

A song to my special someone. I got dry this evening so I spend my night listening to this over and over again until I fall asleep.

Lost in Space by Light House Family

Sometimes I get tired of this me first attitude
You are the one thing that keeps me smiling
Thats why Im always wishing hard for you

cause your life shines so bright
I dont feel no solitude
You are my first star at night
Id be lost in space without you

And Ill never lose my faith in you
How will I ever get to heaven, if I do

Feels just so fine
When we touch the sky me and you
This is my idea of heaven
Why cant it always be so good

But its alright, I know youre out there
Doing what youve gotta do
You are my soul satellite
Id be lost in space without you

And Ill never lose my faith in you
How will I ever get to heaven, if I do

And Ill never lose my faith in you
How will I ever get to heaven, if I do

And Ill never lose my faith in you
And Ill never lose my faith in you


Ridiculous Page Rank

Have you seen a blog that has a Page Rank of 7 for three months? I have seen one but it is so ridiculous to say but it is true and I can’t accept that fact that he got as big as PR& just for 3 months.

It seems to be fishy out there, I just visited the Technorati a while ago suprisingly a giant BIG Dropped of PR 0 for Technorati. Can’t really believe on this,what’s with Google today are they ranking it appropriately? That’s B++++++! It sounds that Google is playing around and making us all so dumb with their PR sickness.

Don’t ask why because it’s making my veins to shrink minute after minute with this freak Page Ranking of Google!…


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